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Our Courses

At The American Language Center of Casablanca, we aim at offering all our students, a whole ecosystem of tools and activities that make English learning engaging, fun, and practical.

ALC Casablanca Adults Summer Sessions 2024
Adults Courses
ALC Casablanca Junior Program
Juniors Courses
Kids academic summer camp 2024
Kids Summer Camp 2024
Business English course.
Business English Courses
ALC Casablanca special course. TOEFL Preparation Course
TOEFL Preparation Courses
ALC Casablanca special course. Intermediate conversation course.
Intermediate Conversation Courses
ALC Casablanca special course. Advanced Conversation Course
Advanced Conversation Courses
ALC Casablanca special course. TOEIC prep class
TOEIC Preparation Courses
ALC Casablanca special course. Introduction to American culture and society
Introduction to American culture and society
ALC Casablanca special course 100 Years of Music
100 years of music
American arts center casablanca.

Our Cultural Activities

Music Concerts

We offer free concerts showcasing local and international talents. For our upcoming concerts download our program below.

Art Clubs

Art enthusiasts will have the opportunity to attend several clubs offered to the public free of charge. The list includes Music Club, Creative Writing Club, Musical Comedy, Photography, Cinema, and Hip hop & House Dance. For our upcoming art clubs download our program below.


Through its three exhibition spaces, the American Arts Center is committed to providing a platform for artists to showcase their work. For our upcoming exhibitions download our program below.

Our Community Service Club

Unite for Impact: Let’s Create Positive Change Together!

Our Students Testimonials

When I attended the first class, I noticed that the teacher was not only friendly and comprehensive about the fact that we were new to the ALC but he also made us feel comfortable and relaxed.

Khaoula | Intermediate 2

“I have been studying English for three years, enjoying good times with teachers and students while making many friends. I have also developed my soft skills through various free activities, such as debate club and workshops.”

Taha | Advanced 3

I would like to thank all the ALC staff for the effort that they have done to ensure the continuation of classes online  during the difficult quarantine times.

Meryem | Beginning 6

“At the ALC Casablanca, learning English is enjoyable and interactive. You can meet people from diverse backgrounds and benefit from fun, understanding teachers. The program effectively encourages communication and conversation in English.”

Fatima Ezahra | Advanced 6