Kids Academic Summer Camp 2024

Kids Academic Summer Camp 2024

Our camp includes fun and engaging English activities to boost children's communication skills, conquer shyness, and nurture self-confidence

Summer camp 2023 Drama


Kids will be offered an immersive experience to explore creativity, build confidence, and develop acting skills through theatrical activities.

Spelling Bee

Kids will be offered an engaging environment to enhance their spelling abilities and confidence through friendly competitions.

summer camp 2023 public speaking

Public Speaking

Kids will develop effective communication skills, boost confidence, and express themselves confidently in front of an audience.

ALC Casablanca Project Creation summer camp 2023

Project Creation

Kids will participate in hands-on projects with experienced instructors, exploring new interests and skills in a supportive, fun environment.

ALC Casablanca Team building summer camp 2023

Team Building

Kids will enjoy fun team-building activities led by experienced facilitators, fostering trust, communication, and problem-solving skills.

ALC Casablanca Arts and Crafts summer camp 2023

Arts and Crafts

Kids will discover their creativity at our Arts and Crafts workshops! Explore various mediums with experienced instructors guiding them along the way.

Children academic summer camp info 2024

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