The American Arts Center

For a creative Casablanca with a strong independent art scene


Grand Opening

After almost 5 decades of serving the Moroccan community, the American Language Center in Casablanca has contributed to the development of the city’s cultural and artistic ecosystem.
The American Arts Center is a non-profit space, an extension of the ALC Casablanca and as a multi-disciplinary, inclusive space, it aims to cultivate and encourage innovation and creation in arts and education. Through its diverse program of exhibitions, academic and cultural activities, the AAC aims not only to bring artists and communities together, but also to help advance cultural exchange and innovation in Morocco through dynamic programs, including artist workshops, open public events, studio classes, professional development opportunities, academic outreach and exchange and an international arts residency.
Located in the heart of the Gauthier neighborhood, a thriving cultural hub in Casablanca, the AAC with its 284 m² space features a wood-paneled 150-seat theater/cinema with mezzanine, three levels of exhibition space, individual meeting rooms wired for audio and video, and a fifth-floor panoramic space with terrace, overlooking Casablanca’s Art Deco district. ACC is a 10-minute walk from the Parc de la Ligue Arabe, with very convenient access.
We look forward to having you join us and enjoy our diverse program including workshops, films, concerts, dance, and more.

Mission Statement

To enrich community life through arts and cultural education and experiences.

To support local and regional artists by offering them opportunities to develop and demonstrate their artistry.

02 Rue Khalil Matrane, Gauthier, Casablanca, Morocco 02 زنقة خليل مطران، غوتيي، الدار البيضاء