English Teaching Internship Initiative (ETII)

Free Teaching Courses

Academic Year 2023-2024

The ETII addresses two major interrelated challenges facing Moroccan young adults, namely lack of access to education and lack of employable skills. The ETII seeks to tackle these challenges by using English education as a means of professional development, while pairing up two distinct groups of Moroccan youth to the benefit of each: prospective Moroccan English teachers and students learning traditional Moroccan handicraft trades. By pairing prospective English teachers and handicrafts students together, the ETII offers a simple solution to provide access to education and employable skills to each group. The ETII offers its trainees a free 60 hour course in English language pedagogy following the internationally recognized TKT curriculum, in addition to other professional development opportunities. Following this, ETII trainees are dispatched as interns to handicraft schools where they sharpen their English teaching skills and develop their leadership and problem-solving capacities. In doing so, the ETII provides its trainees with an opportunity to teach under-privileged students with limited access to English language education, enhancing the latter students’ employment prospect in return.

As a community service initiative, the American Cultural Association (ACA) and the American language Center in Casablanca cover all the expenses of the program for you.

have excellent spoken and written English – have a BA degree in English from a Moroccan University (transcripts must be shown) – have had little to no training in teaching English – can commit to the program from October 2023 until July 2024 – can easily find transport to your the American language center – preference will be given to Master’s students, although this is not a requirement

During ETII Semester 1 (October-December), ETII trainees must commit to attending 60 hours of training, in addition to 3 ALC teaching observation sessions. These 60 hours are reached two ways. First, 36 hours of intensive training will occur over 3 two day intensive training sessions held on Sundays and Mondays. Second, 24 hours of regular training will take place on a weekly basis, generally for 2-3 hours a week. In addition, ETII trainees will be expected to observe some classes in action at the ALC. During ETII Semester 2, starting in January, ETII trainees will carry out their 40 hour English teaching internships at a local handicrafts school. ETII trainees can choose to work towards a bronze certificate (40 volunteer teaching hours), a silver certificate (70 volunteer teaching hours) or a gold certificate (100 volunteer teaching hours). ETII trainees will have monthly check-up meetings at their ALC.

Because ETII trainees will be teaching English, it is important that their English skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening be advanced.

The ETII is meant to be an introduction to teaching for those who may not have the chance otherwise. As such, the ETII will try to select applicants with little to no formal experience or training in the field. If you have any further questions please feel free to send us a question on Facebook Messenger, or via e-mail to your local ETII program in Casablanca, etiicasa@gmail.com

More information is available at http://www.etii.co/ or contact our local ETII progrma administrators in Casablanca, at etiicasa@gmail.com | 0522275270 | 0522277765