Our Programs Overview

A Commitment to Excellence

As a multicultural community of academic staff here at ALC Casablanca, we offer our learners more than just the English language.  English learning comes in a package of fun, instructive discovery that engages our students inside and outside the center to be active community members.

Whether it is our methodology or hands-on activities, we make sure to make learning engaging, inspiring, and fun for students.

ALC Casablanca Adults Summer Sessions 2024

Adults Courses​

Also referred to as the Adult Program. It is open to learners aged 15 and above. At ALC Casablanca, we offer three main “cycles” in English for adults: beginning, intermediate, and advanced, each of which is broken down into levels, with six (6) levels each at beginning, intermediate, and advanced. Students must pass a series of assessments to continue to the next level. Each level represents approximately thirty contact hours which can be completed during normal sessions (fall, winter, spring) or the intensive/accelerated sessions. Intensive sessions are generally offered in the summer (June, July, August, September). During the normal sessions, adult classes meet once a week for 3 hours with a break in the middle or meet for 1h 20 twice a week.

ALC Casablanca kids Program

Juniors Courses

This is for young learners aged 11 to 14. Juniors' classes meet once a week for 2 hours. Teachers use games, songs, and other activities to supplement a coursebook designed for teens. The Junior Program consists of 6 levels, from J1 to J6. We also offer intensive junior classes during the winter/spring session and in summer.

ALC Casabalanca children program.

Kids Courses

Are offered to young learners aged 7 to 10 and consist of 6 levels (C1 to C5). Kids’ classes meet once a week for 2 hours. Teachers use materials and activities appropriate for this age group to involve them in a fun and intriguing learning process and to keep them focused on their learning goals to achieve their optimal language potential.

Kids academic summer camp 2024

Children Academic Summer Camp 2024

Children Academic Summer Camp 2024 is tailored for young learners aged 5 to 11, offering a structured curriculum divided into five levels (C1 to C5). Children Academic Summer Camp classes meet every day for three hours from Monday to Friday, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging experience. Led by experienced instructors, our camp combines hands-on learning and interactive fun, fostering growth and inspiring creativity in every participant. Join us for an unforgettable journey where learning meets laughter and memories are made!"

Special Courses

In addition to our regular program, the ALC also offers special courses:
Business English course.

Business English Courses

This course is offered to professionals and university students who have at least an intermediate level. It is also open for intermediate and advanced students already registered at ALC. We offer 12 different levels (Inter 1 to Advanced 6). This is a very flexible program in the fact that students can easily transfer from Business English to General English and vice versa. Business English students will work with specific textbooks and workbooks, authentic materials (business articles from magazines and newspapers, real business documents, brochures, catalogs, etc.), short videos, and podcasts as well as plenty of interactive activities such as role plays, dialogs, mini debates and small talks. On top of that, they can expect pair work and group work on specific tasks or projects.

ALC Casablanca special course. TOEFL Preparation Course

TOEFL Preparation Course

This course is designed to help C1 students develop the language skills and test-taking strategies needed to achieve a competitive score on the reading, writing, listening, and speaking segments of the TOEFL-IBT test.

ALC Casablanca special course. Intermediate conversation course.

Intermediate Conversation Course

In this class, students who have reached intermediate 4,5,6 can improve their conversation skills at the intermediate level through dynamic conversation lessons. The class will allow them to gain confidence, increase their vocabulary, in addition to the list of topics prepared by the teacher, students may also ask for conversation practice with certain topics for instance: job interviews, current events, environment, emotions, personal health, friendship and relationships … etc.

ALC Casablanca special course. Advanced Conversation Course

Advanced Conversation Course

This class is offered to students who are at advanced 1 level and up. Through the conversation lesson, Students will be exposed to more authentic language which will increase their ability to think and communicate fluently. They will learn idioms, slang, killer expressions… etc. They will also talk about current events, media, and the news….etc. Teachers will invite guests who are experts in different topics and sectors. During the term, students will deliver one 5 to 7-minute oral presentations

ALC Casablanca special course. TOEIC prep class

TOEIC Skills Preparation Course

This course aims at developing English language skills for business as well as for academic use. This class provides students with a clear, systemic approach to help prepare them for the TOEIC test step by step. It is open for intermediate 3 students and higher.

ALC Casablanca special course. Introduction to American culture and society

Introduction to American culture and society

In this course proficiency course, which targets C2 students, students are introduced to different aspects of American culture, history, and society. The course includes discussions on American history and how certain linguistic and cultural differences exist across the US. In addition, it incorporates the history of Redlining and other racial segregation to better teach and contextualize cultural differences between white, black, and Latino communities in particular. American guest speakers will occasionally be invited to discuss specific topics or give presentations about specific themes such as the American dream, immigration in American life, accents, race, ethnicity, the American government, democracy, freedom, key events in American history…etc.

ALC Casablanca special course 100 Years of Music

100 Years of Music

This is mainly a listen-and-interpret sort of class targeting C2 students. The class involves teaching the contexts of different pieces of music - time and place - or protest/resistance music from Appalachia or during the Depression. The moderator of the class will diverge from the most known (Elvis, MJ, etc.) and show students artists and genres of music they may not have heard before. Each week focuses on a decade and/or specific genre (Country, bluegrass, folk, jazz, rhythm and blues, crooning, funk, hip hop, etc.). Students will also get lyric sheets with missing words, sections of songs from different decades, etc. and work with groups to interpret their meaning.

Our Methodology

At The ALC Casablanca we use Interchange, which is a communicative course with a task-based approach that helps students achieve their learning objectives. We also use Interactive books in every classroom (a digital version of the student’s book), which allows teachers to provide students with more engaging and didactic lessons.